Indisputably, VAPT is the fundamental aspect of every platform on the internet. It is critical to a website’s health, and that’s not surprising; after all, you want to ensure that your website is not full of bugs.

Otherwise, the results can be catastrophic. What’s more, the field of vulnerability and penetration testing has seen various innovations that have made it easier to identify vulnerabilities and protect against attacks.

The market is filled with every kind of VAPT tool, which has made it difficult for consumers to find out which ones are the best. Therefore, we have brought to you a detailed article listing the best VAPT tools alongside their key highlights. 

Note: “bug” and “vulnerability” are used interchangeably. 

Best VAPT tools (both paid and free)


Arachni is a Ruby framework-based penetration testing and administration tool. It’s used to determine how secure modern online apps are.

Since it is a versatile tool, it can be used in a wide range of situations. This includes everything from a simple command-line scanner to a worldwide high-performance scanner grid.

Key Highlights
  • Multiple deployment options
  • It has a verified, inspectable code base that ensures the most significant level of security 
  • It is simple to integrate with the browser environment.
  • It provides comprehensive and well-structured reports.

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Websecurify is a comprehensive security testing platform. The best thing about this tool is its user-friendly interface; it is pretty straightforward to use. In terms of functionality, it uses a hybrid of automated and manual vulnerability testing techniques, which again serves the purpose. 

Key Highlights 
  • Powerful testing engine capable of detecting URLs. 
  • Decent testing and scanning prowess.
  • It is possible to customize this tool with a variety of add-ons.
  • It is compatible with all major desktop and mobile platforms.

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THC Hydra

Hydra is one of the most sophisticated login cracker and pen testing tools out there. What makes it unique is the flexibility it offers to the users alongside the quick speed. Plus, you can easily add new modules to the application. It is pretty easy for testers to find unauthorized access with this tool. 

Key Highlights
  • Offers various options like sort, conversion, and look up as well as rainbow table generation.
  • Support for hashing algorithm, rainbow table of any charset that too in compact or raw file format. 
  • Support for multi-core processor computation.
  • Available in both GUI and Command-line user interface. 

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SM Anywhere

SM Anywhere is among the best free tools available in the market as of now. It is used to monitor organizations’ online reputation; they can track the reputation of their assets with this tool. 

Key Highlights
  • Keep track of organizations’ cloud, hybrid cloud, and on-premises infrastructure. 
  • Delivers one of the best threat detection tools with actionable incident response directives. 
  • Delivers continuous threat intelligence to keep you up to date on new threats.

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W3af is more of a framework for web application attacks and auditing rather than a tool. It has three different types of plugins: discovery, audit, and attack, connected with one another to find any shortcomings of a platform. For instance, a discovery plugin in w3af looks for different URLs to test for vulnerabilities and forwards them to the audit plugin, which then searches for vulnerabilities using these URLs.

It’s also possible to set it up as a MITM proxy. The collected request may be submitted to the request generator, and then manual web application testing with various parameters might be performed. It also includes tools for exploiting the flaws it discovers.

Key Highlights
  • Support for proxy servers
  • DNS cache
  • HTTP response cache
  • Using multipart cookie processing to upload files
  • Basic and digest authentication is used in HTTP.

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Wireshark, formerly known as Ethereal, is a network analysis pentest program. It’s one of the most effective penetration testing tools for capturing packets in real-time and displaying them in a human-readable format. It’s essentially a network packet analyzer that gives you minute details about your network protocols, decryption, packet information, and so on. It’s free and open-source, and it works with Linux, Windows, OS X, Solaris, NetBSD, FreeBSD, and a variety of other operating systems. The information acquired by this utility can be viewed using a GUI or the TShark Utility in TTY mode.

Key Highlights
  • Live capture and offline analysis are two features of WireShark.
  • In-depth VoIP analysis
  • Gzip-compressed capture files can be decompressed on the fly.
  • The output can be saved as XML, PostScript, CSV, or PDF.
  • Runs on Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, and a variety of other operating systems.
  • Support for various protocols, including IPsec, ISAKMP, SSL/TLS, WEP, and WPA/WPA2, as well as live data from the internet, PPP/HDLC, ATM, Blue-tooth, USB, Token Ring, and so on.

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Metaspoilt has been the most widely used and robust framework for pen-testing. It’s an open-source program based on the notion of ‘exploit,’ which is passing a code through security safeguards to get access to a system. It executes a ‘payload,’ which is code that performs actions on a target machine, making it the ideal platform for penetration testing. It’s a wonderful way to see if the IDS is effective at blocking the attacks we’re trying to avoid.

Metaspoilt can be utilized on a variety of platforms, including networks, applications, and servers. It works on Apple Mac OS X, Linux, and Microsoft Windows and has a command-line and GUI clickable interface.

Key Highlights
  • Command-line interface (CLI)
  • Import from a third party
  • Manual brute-force attack
  • Penetration testing

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Kali is only compatible with Linux machines. It is one of the best pen-testing tools since it allows you to customize your backup and recovery schedule. It promotes a quick and straightforward approach to access and updates the world’s largest library of security penetration testing data. It is one of the greatest packet sniffing and injection tools available. While using this tool, knowledge of the TCP/IP protocol and networking can be advantageous.

Key Highlights
  • Features support for brute-force password cracking thanks to the addition of 64-bit functionality.
  • BackTrack comes with LAN and WLAN sniffing, vulnerability assessment, password cracking, and digital forensics tools pre-installed.
  • Backtrack connects with some of the top tools on the market, like Metaspoilt and Wireshark.
  • It also includes pidgin, xmms, Mozilla, k3b, and other programs.

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Netsparker is a simple online application security scanner that can detect SQL Injection, XSS, as well as other weaknesses in your web applications instantly. It comes as both an on-premises and a SaaS solution.

Key Highlights
  • The innovative Proof-Based Scanning System enables 100% flawless vulnerability detection.
  • Only the most basic arrangement is required. s URL rewrite rules and custom 404 error pages are detected automatically by the scanner.
  • REST API enables an easy interface with SDLC, bug monitoring systems, and other applications.
  • The solution is entirely scalable. In just 24 hours, you can scan 1,000 web applications.

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Acunetix is a penetration testing tool that is entirely automated. Its online application security scanner provides accurate insights after checking HTML5, JavaScript, and single-page apps. It can audit complicated, authorized web apps and generate compliance and management reports on a variety of web and network security flaws.

Key Highlights
  • Checks for over 1200 vulnerabilities in the WordPress core, theme, and dependencies
  • Detects all kinds of SQL Injection and XSS variations, as well as 4500+ other vulnerabilities.
  • Easy to scale and fast; capable of crawling up to 1000s of web pages in seconds.
  • Assists in the SDLC by integrating with leading WAFs and Issue Trackers
  • On-premises and cloud-based options are both viable.

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The intruder is a robust, automated penetration testing tool capable of identifying security flaws throughout your IT infrastructure. Intruder protects businesses of all sizes safe from hackers by providing industry-leading security assessments, ongoing monitoring, and an easy-to-use platform.

Key Highlights
  • Top-notch threat coverage with over 10,000 security checks
  • Offers protection against configuration flaws, missing fixes, and application flaws, among other things.
  • Scanned results are automatically analyzed and prioritized
  • Straightforward to set up and run your initial scans thanks to the intuitive interface.
  • AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud connectors.
  • Appropriate security scanning for new vulnerability flaws. 
  • CI/CD pipeline API integration. 

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Indusface delivers manual penetration testing and automated scanning to find and report vulnerabilities.

Key Highlights
  • Every single apps’ page is scanned by the crawler. 
  • Ability to pause and resume
  • The same dashboard displays both manual PT and automated scanning reports.
  • Unlimited proof-of-concept requests with insights about reported vulnerabilities.
  • Equipped with an optional WAF integration feature that allows for instant virtual patching with no false positives.
  • Scan coverage is periodically expanded, inspired by accurate traffic data from WAF systems.

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HostedScan Security

HostedScan Security is your comprehensive penetration testing and vulnerability scanning service. It comes with a set of tests for networks, servers, webpages, and web apps. This application features a user-friendly online interface that makes performing tests and securing your application easy. 

Key Highlights

  • Checks for CVE flaws and out-of-date software.
  • Checks for SQL injection, cross-site scripting, remote code injection, insecure javascript libraries, and other vulnerabilities in web programs.
  • Perform thorough port scans to detect network and firewall misconfigurations.
  • Offers various options like continuous monitoring, scan on-demand, or on a recurrent basis.
  • Webhooks and APIs for programmatic control and integration of HostedScan into your products and services.
  • There is no per member fees or license restrictions.

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Intrusion Detection Software

Intrusion Detection Software from Solarwinds is perfect for identifying a wide range of advanced threats. It delivers Decision Support System and HIPAA compliance reporting. This program can keep an eye on suspicious attacks and behaviour in real-time.

Key Highlights
  • Reduce the amount of time spent detecting intrusions.
  • Provides effective reporting while ensuring compliance.
  • Real-time logs are available.
  • It can detect harmful IP addresses, programs, and accounts, among other things.

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Trend Micro’s Intrusion Prevention

Trend Micro’s Intrusion Prevention is among the simplest penetration testing tool that safeguards your network from known, unknown, and unreported vulnerabilities. Through automatic and inline inspections with real-time protection, you’ll have assured network reliability and availability. 

Key Highlights
  • With centralized administration, you can combine and prioritize security policy, response, and visibility.
  • Patented machine learning techniques increase real-time protection.
  • Provides a policy-based operational model that is scalable.
  • It helps you protect against known vulnerabilities and all potential attack permutations with low false positives 
  • It provides integrated security that is automated and delivered in real-time.

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OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project)

OWASP is an organization (non-profit) with the sole aim of making software more secure. It offers users multiple tools for pen testing various software environments and protocols as part of the project. 

Key Highlights

Some of the most famous Owasp tools include: 

  • Zed Attack Proxy
  • OWASP Dependency-Check 
  • OWASP Web Testing Environment Project 

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Samurai framework

Samurai Web Testing Framework is another good pen-testing tool. It works with VirtualBox and VMWare, which have been pre-configured to be used as a web pen-testing environment.

Key Highlights
  • It’s a tool that’s open-source and free to use.
  • It is a collection of the greatest open source and free tools for testing and attacking websites.
  • It also comes with a pre-configured wiki that may be used to set up the central data storage during the pen test.

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Aircrack is a useful tool for wireless pen-testing. It breaks wireless connections that are vulnerable and makes use of WEP, WPA, and WPA 2 encryption keys.

Key Highlights
  • Support for more cards/drivers
  • All types of operating systems and platforms are supported.
  • A new WEP exploit has been discovered: PTW
  • WEP dictionary attack support
  • Fragmentation attack support
  • Improved tracking performance

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One of the most widely used open-source security testing tools is ZAP. Hundreds of foreign volunteers help to keep it running. It can assist users in detecting security flaws in web applications during the development and testing stages.

Key Highlights
  • It aids in simulating a real-world attack to identify security flaws in the online application.
  • Passive scanning examines the server’s answers to identify potential problems.
  • It tries to get access to files and folders using brute force.
  • The spidering feature aids in the construction of the website’s hierarchical structure by supplying erroneous or unexpected data, which might cause the site to crash or deliver incredible outcomes.
  • This is a valuable tool for determining the open ports on the target website.
  • It comes with an interactive Java shell that can be used to run BeanShell commands.

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ISS Scanner

The IBM Internet Scanner is a pen-testing tool that provides the cornerstone for any business’s adequate network security.

Key Highlights
  • The Internet Scanner is one of the greatest pentesting tools that allows you to automate scans and discover vulnerabilities, reducing your risk exposure.
  • Complete Vulnerability Management 
  • The Internet scanner can identify over 1,300 types of network devices.
  • It reduces risk by discovering security flaws, or vulnerabilities, in the network.

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Scapy is a packet manipulating pen-testing tool that is both powerful and interactive. It’s capable of scanning, probing, and network attacks, among other things.

Key Highlights
  • It carries out specialized activities such as transmitting invalid frames and injecting 802.11 frames. 
  • It employs a variety of combining techniques that are difficult to achieve with other tools.
  • It significantly reduces the number of lines written to execute the precise code by allowing the user to precisely generate the packets they desire.

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Ettercap is an all-in-one pen testing solution. It is one of the best security testing tools available, and it allows for both active and passive analysis. It also has a lot of network and host analysis.

Key Highlights
  • It allows for the active and passive deconstruction of a variety of methods.
  • ARP poisoning feature for sniffing on a switched LAN between two hosts.
  • Ettercap may inject characters into a server or a client while keeping a live connection.
  • Ettercap can sniff an SSH connection in full-duplex. 
  • Ettercap can sniff HTTP SSL encrypted data even when the connection is established through a proxy.
  • Ettercap’s API allows the building of custom plugins.

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Security Onion

Like most of the tools on this list, Security Onion is also used for information security tracking and intrusion detection. It offers a user-friendly interface. Users can utilize the setup wizard to create an army of dispersed sensors for their business.

Key Highlights
  • It is based on a distributed client-server model.
  • Network Security Monitoring allows for the monitoring of security-related events.
  • It can capture full packet data.
  • Provides both Network-based and host-based intrusion detection systems.
  • It has a built-in mechanism to purge old data before the storage device reaches capacity.

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Personal Software Inspector

Personal Software Inspector is an open-source computer security solution. It is helpful to identify vulnerabilities in applications on a PC or a server.

Key Highlights

  • Automates the updates for vulnerable programs.
  • Offers coverage for thousands of programs and automatically detects vulnerable programs.
  • This pen-testing tool automatically scans PC daily.
  • Detects and notifies users about programs that can’t be automatically updated.

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HconSTF is an open-source penetration testing tool that uses various browser technologies to perform penetration testing. Any security professional can use it to help in penetration testing. It includes online tools for XSS, SQL injection, CSRF, Trace XSS, RFI, LFI, and more.

Key Highlights
  • A well-organized and thorough toolkit
  • All options are set up for penetration testing.

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HCL AppScan

HCL AppScan aids in the enhancement of web and mobile application security. It promotes regulatory compliance while strengthening application security. 

Key Highlights
  • Allow Development and QA to experiment during the SDLC process 
  • Control which applications each person can test 
  • Easily disseminate reports 
  • Improve visibility and better understand organizational risks 
  • Focus on discovering and correcting issues 
  • Control information access

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John the Ripper

JTR, or John the Ripper, is a well-known password-breaking program. Its primary purpose is to carry out dictionary attacks, and thereby it helps detect weak password flaws in a network. Besides that, it also protects users from attacks such as brute force and rainbow cracking.

Key Highlights
  • It supports many additional hash and cipher types 
  • It allows online browsing of the documentation, including a summary of differences between the two versions

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Safe3 scanner

Safe3WVS is based on web spider crawling technology, which is particularly useful for web portals. It’s the quickest way to detect issues like SQL injection, upload vulnerability, and other security flaws.

Key Highlights
  • Full authentication support for Basic, Digest, and HTTP.
  • Repetitive web pages are automatically removed by an intelligent web spider.
  • Feature to extract URLs from Ajax, Web 2.0, and other applications thanks to an automatic JavaScript analyzer.
  • Support for SQL injection, upload vulnerability, admin path, and directory list vulnerabilities.

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So, these were some of the best VAPT tools available on the market. As previously mentioned, the list includes both paid and free tools. 

If you have any queries, contact us.